Become the
GO-TO Woman
in Your Industry
& Be Seen
as a Leader


During this 10 day challenge you will learn:

  • Why it is so important to be the go-to person in your industry
  • The tricks to feeling more confident and able to be visible and stand out
  • The 8 steps to follow to become highly sought after and truly respected
  • Why you need to bring your WOW NOW Image together
  • The process to create a unique and genuine Style that is a reflection of you and your capabilities
  • The tools to create authentic communication skills and be trusted

These powerful videos are designed to be short and sweet but with simple actionable steps that you can implement straight away.

To provide an extra level of learning you will receive the checklist to assist you to craft your Personal Brand and Style as you work through the 10 videos.

During the 10 days these simple actions will assist you to work towards your specific goals. At the end you will be able to bring all the elements together to create your Personal Brand that will shine through with your authentic self and allow you to step into your power as a credible and trustworthy leader in your industry.

"Alba has a way about her to help you finally feel brave enough to do what you've wanted to do for so long! Looking better is just one side effect of becoming more confident, more aware of your strengths, and more adept at accessorizing yourself inside and out! This challenge helped me immensely with my visibility, self-worth, and confidence. Thank you Alba!"

Bethany Perry

"As a busy woman I really enjoyed how I was actually able to complete the 10 day challenge. The information was succinct but juicy, full of great pointers about how as a woman I can stop being afraid of become visible, stand in my power and be seen as an expert.

The beautiful workbook really brought it all together, and by day 10 I actually had a clear action plan to create my Unique Personal Style".

Tonia Lewis

"Alba's 10 day challenge turned my idea of personal branding and style on its head.

I finally found out what really mattered and what was important with my image and brand and most importantly how to convey who I authentically am"

Vickie Gould