The Stylish,
and Visible

Style and Personal Brand Coach

The Time to Create a

Stand Out Image

is NOW!

Do you want to feel authentic and confident so that your image stands out and becomes memorable?

Do you want to be seen as an expert in your field so that you magnetically attract opportunities for your Career?

Have you been feeling down about your appearance lately?

You have turned 30, 40 or 50 and you wonder if you know how to dress for your body shape or age... You have put on weight or have had a baby and can't get to appreciate your body shape anymore... You feel heart broken and wonder when all this happened... Your confidence seems like a distant memory.

You have been doubting yourself even during simple conversations, questioning if you are good enough or have something of value to say. You are scared of being seen as silly or wondering what others are thinking of you.

You know how amazing your life would be if you could feel like a powerhouse! Full of confidence and creating a stand out presence, being magnetic to those around you and looking the part. Looking in the mirror and loving and appreciating the woman you are.

Imagine all the opportunities you will attract when people start noticing you more: a better relationship, more clients, more opportunities, climbing the corporate ladder, living with purpose. Stepping up and feeling driven and focussed.

I would love you to join an exclusive and dynamic group of women who are committed to creating the best version of themselves.

Become the most radiant and powerful you!

Take the first step to up-level your style and image.

This self-pace program will provide all the steps and tools you need to create a stand out style and personal brand. Create the success you are looking for in all areas of your life: professional and personal.

When you feel your most confident self and express that through your image, you can't help but attract success into your life. Get ready to enjoy the beauty of yourself !

I can't wait to take you on this journey back to you!


When you look great, you feel great and more confident in your abilities, you attract more people and get noticed for the next promotion and pay rise!

It became my passion in life to help women feel and look great from the inside out and that is what I do through my programs.

Imagine if you could feel comfortable in your own skin again. Imagine feeling confident and beautiful. Having a strong presence and looking great. Loving and appreciating the woman you are now and learning how to make the most out of your look today!

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to get in touch with who you are and be willing to share your authentic self in everything you do, including how you look. You will experience so much joy and success.

I know what is like to go from struggle to strength! You might look at me and think that it is easy for me to say... But growing up I struggled with very low self-confidence and self-image. I was teased a lot because of my funny looks. I really disliked what I saw in the mirror… I started learning everything I could to ‘master’ my outer image however there was still a big disconnect with my self-confidence.

I felt out of place, I doubted what I had to say, how to act and kept my self small for so many years. I wouldn't speak up, share my opinions or allowed myself to go for my dreams or even dream of a brighter future.

Finally, one day I realised something that changed my life. I needed to first fully love who I was on the inside. My experiences, my weaknesses and my mistakes, how I looked and what made me different. That combined with making the most out of my look and my presence was a recipe for success! I had a successful career in the corporate world as an engineer before I launched my business 7 years ago. And today more than ever before I am embracing fully who I am, inside and out.

The Stylish, Confident and Visible Woman Program

8 Juicy Learning Modules: Learn all you need to know to create a Stand out Personal Brand. Create your boldest most visible version of yourself and start creating the success you are meant for.

8 Action Oriented Workbooks specifically designed to help you re-connect with your true self and strengthen your knowledge. The workbooks will also help you implement everything you learn straight away.

Lifetime Access to this Program. You can re-visit the information and re-do the program as many times as you want

8 video classes. Learn more about each module. listen to the video classes at your own time and be inspired to take action and implement all of the new tools


'Saying that I “enjoyed” working with Alba and her SVC program would be an understatement. She is so positive and uplifting. She teaches easy steps and information that you can start applying immediately to help you improve and get where you want to be and how you want to look. The most important result out of this program for me was to be able to achieve all the above without having to change myself or having to spend lots of money shopping for unnecessary stuff. Alba encourages you to be the woman that you desire to be. Cheryl Britton

'This course was great! There are so many areas I want to get better at and this course allowed me to review where I had improved upon and what things I still would like to work on in the future.The structure of the course was very helpful particularly, as when other women told their stories or asked questions, I could easily relate or learn a new perspective from all of them. It is something I would recommend to any woman who wants to get to know herself better. Thanks Alba, your cheerful open style makes it easy to feel comfortable to be bold and visible!!'

Teresa Baines

'I must admit that I didn’t think I would get much out of this program, because I thought I had a good handle on most of the content already. However, the SCV Woman Program far exceeded my expectations and has helped me to cease forcing myself into the boxes that others have set for me.

Alba through this course have given me the tools to be honest with myself, and the way to where I want to be many years from now. This course has helped bring focus and clarity to what I want to achieve in the future and how to make the most out of myself visually. Even my daughtrs have taken on the new learnings!'. Lisa Lewis


Module 1. Your Essence

Get to know who you truly are! Feel more confident and aligned. Fall back in love with all that makes you YOU! Start feeling more confident n who you are and your abilities.

Module 2. Your WOW Style

Understand, love and learn EXACTLY how to dress for your body shape. Includes your OWN PERSONALISED Style Portfolio: The clothes, accessories, hairstyles, eyewear, and everything in between that works for you.

Module 3. Wardrobe and Outfits

you love

All you need to know to create a wardrobe that you love, at any budget - Yes! As well as where to go shopping. Learn how to easily and effortlessly create outfits and how to accessorise.

Module 4. Beauty and Make-up

Tools and techniques for your unique skin type and personality. Yes! You can make the most out of your eyes, lips and skin in 5-10 minutes.

Everyone wants to be around a charismatic person. Learn how to create a magnetic presence that gets you noticed and brings success to your personal and professional life.

Module 5. Your Magnetic Presence

Be confident being your boldest self. Overcome doubt and self sabotage to be able to shine your true light.

Module 6. Be Bold and Visible

Get organised and in control of your life. Reconnect to your feminine energy to increase success in your life.

Module 7. Feminine Power

Module 8. Create a Stand Out Brand

Be authentic and confident from the inside out. Be seen as an expert, become magnetic and memorable.

I can't wait to take you on the journey back to you!


'This course should be part of every company onboarding program. It is a wake up call for women to start looking at their personal growth and to get to their best version of themselves inside and out. It is very helpful for women that feel lost and invisible in this world dominated by men. Alba’s presence and energy is uplifting. Her story is incredibly inspiring and seeing her and the way she carries and expresses her self is really encouraging. Now, I know that is possible to get there myself. - As she said “you will make it happen if that’s really what you want with your heart” Melissa Andrich

"The content of this program, together with Alba's vivacious delivery energy, was fabulous. It was priceless to take some time out of every day life and business to reflect on what you want, where you are going and what you could change (or need to change) to shape your life to be more of what you dream. And to create an amazing wardrobe that works for my lifestyle. What a gift to myself!

The course is filled with useful and inspirational ideas. I love managing my professional life with my life as a mum while looking the part. It was an excellent course. Thanks Alba!" Stephanie Rowland