Image Ready Program

Is the next step in your career to start becoming more visible?

Have you landed a speaking engagement opportunity but you are unsure how to present yourself? Do you have an important meeting or presentation coming up?

Do you want to create a video for LinkedIn to expand your audience or lift your professional profile?

Are you always in the public eye and need to make sure you are showing the real confident you in all situations?

Does the idea of finding the perfect outfit to wear seem daunting?

Are you worried about not projecting the right image in your presentations, board meetings or professional videos?

Get your image ready for your next Presentation (board meeting, public speaking or linkedIn video)

Only AUD $127

US $90 estimated

The Image Ready Program gives you all the tools needed to create the image you want, and ensure that your audience get the message across through a pleasant presentation .  

This program will make you feel confident, sound great and look credible.

Projecting a WOW NOW Image is crucial for a successful presentation, public speaking or professional video.

In this program, I will give you the tools to ensure that the image you want to project in your presentation is exactly what you deliver. I want you to step off the stage at the end of your speaking knowing that you brought your best foot forward!

You may feel overwhelmed right now, you may think that you don’t have the confidence or the looks or the perfect body to pull off the image you need to, in order to create the success you desire.

I am here to tell you that you are perfect the way you are. And I am going to give you the steps to uncover that.

With a bit of planning and preparation, you can be stepping confidently onto that stage or in front of the camera. And the best bit…. you are going to love every minute of it.

You are going to be delighted with your results. You will find the way to bring out those areas within you (that may be you didn't know) that make you more magnetic and credible, and ultimately create a more successful image.

The simple how-to guide to

looking and feeling confident!

"I felt so overwelmed with what to wear, how to portray myself and my brand for my next presentation. The Image Ready Program helped me to gain clarity, know what to wear and definitely not wear. It helped me bringing it altogether in a way I never thought possible and it was all stressfree. I felt great and loved doing my presentation which ended up in photos that I truly love and am proud to release publicly.

It also helped me to keep my mindset positive and stay calm and allow myself to shine on the day. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to nail their presentations, photos or videos"

Debb Oxby

"Alba Gomez is such a pure joy! You walk away from doing this program with the ability to see and embrace the best in yourself. Alba and this program gives you confidence to step into your own grace and your own style, and the ability to find what that is for you. You will love the results, which just keep getting better over time!"

Susie Franscini

1. A how-to guide on preparing for your presentation (board meeting, public speaking or video).

2. The secrets to creating an amazing look that will portray the real you and ensure the best results.

3. The master guide on posture and presence and how to use these aspects to your advantage.

4. All the technical know-how and step by step instructions on creating your own engaging videos.


Your easy step by step

to get ready for your next presentation (board meeting, public speaking or video production)

Video 1. The preparation

Video 2. Creating the perfect image

Video 3. Posture and presence

Video 4. Technical know-how

As well as the 4 videos I would like to offer you this special free gift just for making a commitment to your WOW NOW Image…

Your guide to using colours to create amazing outfits

The Modules

Ensure that your presence projects confidence and you look amazing without any room for lingering doubt.

No longer will you be left wondering “Could I have done better?” Convince yourself that you are putting your best foot forward. It’s time to look in the mirror and see a confident, happy and excited woman who walks into any meeting or public event feeling sure about what she has to share.

"When the day came and I had to do a series of videos to promote my business, I panicked. I had no idea what to wear, what equipment I needed or even the appropriate body language in front of the camera.

I bought Alba's Image Ready Program thinking that it was a starting point, but her program turned out to be everything I had expected and more.

It helped me get everything planned. I was confident and ready. I did four videos in one day all on my own. And I also follow the program before my most recent photo shoot, and I can't believe how easy it was to get ready for it! Thank you, Alba"

Lina Velosa

US $90 estimated

Only AUD$127