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Unleashing the exceptional you

Be seen as a credible, professional and confident individual that has a unique personal brand and presence!

Ready to embrace a new confidence, look and feel your best every day and become the go-to person in your industry?

This program takes you on an exciting, results-oriented journey towards life-changing personal and professional empowerment, showing you how to effectively communicate your true value to the world through your Personality, Body Language and Image.

Stop being the best kept secret in your industry and step out confidently onto the playing field today!

Are you looking for a promotion? Maybe you are ready to take your business or career the next level. Don’t let self-doubt keep you from your true potential – upgrade your personal brand to reflect the professional outcomes you desire.

There is a particular confidence that comes from knowing and embodying your authentic self. Arm yourself with this confidence and project yourself as a leader in your industry.

This program will equip you with all the tools you need to create a strong presence that gets you noticed - and a gorgeous, professional and individual style and confidence to go with it.



7 extensive course modules including exclusive training videos, workbooks and resources that will show you step by step how to create your own Confident Personal brand. The workbooks with invaluable content include everything you need for success - templates, checklists and resources.

2 hour intensive to kick start your transformation as well as an additional 8 x 1 hr sessions to ensure you get crystal clarity as well as my mentoring and additional support.

Sessions can in be in person or video conferences in Zoom.

Personalised guide to create your unique and stand out presence. Get ready to show up with confidence at the next event, create the best possible first impression – from the boardroom to networking events. Learn how to present, act and initiate conversations as your most charismatic self.

A virtual/in person wardrobe analysis and shopping trip. That's right, no matter where you are in the world you can still have the benefits of a full wardrobe analysis and shopping trip with me!

Show up projecting the right image to upgrade your career.

Your own personalised Style and Colour portfolio. This crucial tool means you can go shopping with confidence knowing the exact colours and styles that best compliment your body shape, colouring and personal style.

Plus plenty of additional BONUSES for your Personal Brand toolkit that will equip you for a successful and fulfilling life!

To bring it all together we will create your Confident Personal Brand, meaning that you will be able to identify and clearly communicate your value.

My systematic process is included so you will understand the "how" behind creating your Personal Brand and you will be able to adjust and recreate yourself any time in the future. All of the templates and processes will be provided to you to use for the rest of your life - priceless!


This is your opportunity to take control of your life and stand in your power

The Confident Image Formula was developed out of my personal story, my studies and the experience of working with hundreds of individuals for the last 9 years in my business.

Growing up I struggled with low confidence and lack of self-love. I was made fun of for my funny looks - that included messy hair, braces and the thickest glasses on the planet. It was at the age of 15 that I discovered an amazing tool that helped me with my self-confidence: make-up! It was as if once I put on my make-up and picked a great outfit, the confidence just oozed out and I was instantly more magnetic.

With time I learned that it was so much more than just a nice-coloured lipstick; there was a whole science behind what I experienced as a teenager. I had already experienced the profound impact that my appearance had on how I felt and operated in the world.

Having a strong presence and a confident personal brand is a major reason behind my success in the corporate world and as a business woman.

You must know who you are and you must share it with the world. You must be comfortable standing out. You must look the part. Then opportunities will be able to find you!

So I started learning all I could about image and personal presence. Then I started to explore the world of non-verbal communication and body language.

Despite this great depth of knowledge I was searching for one more piece of the puzzle. There was still a big disconnect with my ‘self- image’. This led me to further my studies and find a way to learn to appreciate who I am.

All the pieces of the puzzle had finally come together and I now knew how to feel beautiful and powerful from the inside out.


'I was not a very confident woman before I met Alba. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve all I have achieved without the tools, encouragement, and support I have received from Alba.

I now hold my head up high when I walk into a room. I feel strong, visible and confident in me.

A few of the great things that have happened since working with Alba, is that I was offered FOUR jobs at the one time. The one I went with I had only just met the CEO and two days later I had a great deal offered to me. My friends and family have noticed a massive improvement in me from how I look, to how I hold myself strong.

I am forever grateful for what I have learned from you, Alba and I now feel empowered and happier than ever before'.

Teresa Clarke,

Insurance Broker

The Confident Image system was a lot of fun and has made me feel super confident in taking control of the things that matter most to me, both on a professional and personal level. It was an enjoyable, challenging and empowering journey.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Alba! You have done a wonderful job in helping me to create a presence and personal brand that is true to who I am. Having this new-found confidence has increased my energy levels and empowered me to take on challenges that I would have once tried to avoid.

I have successfully transformed the way I look and feel and I am truly excited about the journey that lies ahead, both professionally and personally. I appreciate your guidance, patience, coaching and authentic nature. I am so grateful we have crossed paths.

The program was an investment for the rest of my life. My confidence is super high (in both professional and personal setting)...I have felt like a new woman since the program’.

Defining my Confident Image and l Brand was great. I fine tuned my outer image with my inner strengths and personal essence. I now have the confidence to feel and look the part (and I have created a wardrobe with NO black!)

Alba is caring but firm, she's helped me stay on track with my goals by using different angles and approaches. I now understand a lot about me and how I have been doing things in a way that was not going to contribute to my success.

With Alba's help, I developed the confidence to stand out and being noticed in the workplace. I stopped being invisible and being worried about being judged, and the results have been amazing.

I have been successful in obtaining the internal promotion I was seeking and I am now Manager of Corporate Services overseeing a staff of 30.

Naomi Ahmedi,

Community Relations BHP

Denise Tamou,

Corporate Services

"Before working with Alba I was feeling frustrated, unhappy with my appearance, unforgiving and critical of myself.

Alba and her Confident Image program have help me feel more self -love and compassion for myself and others as I gain a better understanding of the inner working of my mind. I am now more confident in my decision making skills as I am clear about my values and priorities.

I have achieved many of the professional and personal goals that at some point seemed unreachable. I am feeling more confident and happy than ever before.

I also feel fabulous in my appearance as Alba helped me reconnect to my style and helped me find the right clothes for me. And I finally know how to do my make up and hair without taking two hours. Thanks Alba"

"Alba is so warm and engaging. As soon as I started the coaching program I started to change from the way I presented myself to how I felt about myself.

I did the work Alba set out and made time for myself.

I was open, honest and accountable and it led to real change in how I felt, acted and what I achieved.

My confidence went sky high and I achieved some amazing results in my career that I wouldn't have had and confidence to tackle without Alba's guidance and support.

This program has been the best investment I have ever made.

Thank you Alba you have helped me a great deal and I will forever be grateful!"

Kate Byfield,

Marketing Manager

Sabina R H,

Development Engineer

We will use these 7 pillars as a road map but your program

will be totally personalised to your needs.

$5,000 AUD

USD $3,900/ €3,100 Approximately

PLUS these valuable BONUSES!

A self-paced program that will guide you through my proven steps and process, that will help you develop a new level of confidence to start showing up as the authentic, captivating powerhouse you truly are.


The WOW NOW Presentation Program

Your complete guide to getting ready for photoshoots, video productions and speaking engagements

Your impression management assessment

A comprehensive guide to understanding how you come across to other people and the impressions you create. AND the tools to become your most charismatic, authentic self

Unlimited email access for the 4-months

To ask me any questions that might come up bewtween sessions


4 x $1,400 AUD


I am fiercely passionate about helping individuals feel more confident and get the results they want in their personal and professionals lives.

I am a Personal Brand and presence expert, a Professional Image consultant and Executive coach. I have done extensive studies in body language, mindset and goal setting. I have invested hundreds of thousand dollars in my coaching and personal development and will share all my expertise, tools and strategies with you.

I was born in Colombia, South America, my professional life included a high-flying corporate career for 14 years as an engineer, both in Colombia and Australia.

I have been fascinated by the power of image and the way people can use their personal brand to positively impact results in life and business. You can read about my personal journey here

Results I have achieved for my clients include:


•Establishing as the Go-to person in their industry

Achieved the next career level or promotion

•Confidence sky-high and experiencing career results

Setting up and growing successful businesses


•Learning ways to be more magnetic and attract more business

•Helps overcome periods of transition in personal and professional life

•Life feels completely different and achieving goals with ease

•Increased income

•Passion for life back

•Clarity of purpose

Book a time to talk!

Explore your image and presence in a fun and informative session with me.

Let's make a plan together to get you started on your WOW NOW brand.

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Asha Stabback,

Development Officer

"Alba's Confident Image Program far exceeded my expectations... I am regularly part of professional and personal development programs but this program was the best investment I have ever made.

Alba's truly unique system is an absolute necessity for every woman and provides the foundation and launchpad for truly discovering what you are capable of achieving.

I have aligned who I am with how I want to be perceived. I feel so much more confident standing out.

I've always thought I was fairly well dressed and confident and knew what suits me but with Alba's guidance I feel like I have the missing piece and standing out is easy and I'm so much more confident."

Rachel Dunn,

Business Owner

"I now understand EXACTLY what was missing from my personal brand.

For me learning the ways I can be more magnetic in my videos and with clients is very important. The program is full of great helpful information and tools that came at the right time.

The Confident Image system IS GOLD and has made all the difference to my business and my brand. I am now standing out authentically in a crowded market.

I highly recommend working with Alba. She is very passionate about helping you present the best version of yourself and getting you to increase your bottom line results."

"My life is in a completely different place from prior to working with Alba.

I am happy, things are flowing in my life, I am manifesting my desires, I am expanding and growing and enjoying life and work.

I had no house at some point and within a week purchased a home of my dreams from nothing with no money at the time, no deposit. I love the morning rituals which have really helped me focus for the day. The makeup, clothing and body language tips and new knowledge really help me make the best of who I am without being fearful of those areas I was less than pleased about.

The most important change was to love myself regardless of anyone else’s opinion! I am feeling more confident in my interactions at work and have been promoted.

Alba is amazing to work with, she genuinely cares, makes you feel good, is a great role model and provides a vast range of tools to help you improve who you are already and how to share it with the word."

Cheryl Britton,


Are you ready to step into confident,

stylish leadership and presence?


4 months to UNSTOPPABLE with all the tools, tips and support available to rediscover your confidence and guide you to success personally and professionally.