UNSTOPPABLE is very unique program of laser focused one on one sessions (In person or online with Alba), that will help you develop a new level of confidence to start showing up as the authentic, captivating powerhouse you truly are.

The power of clarity...

Having clarity as to what to do and how to do it, is more important than having a lot of knowledge. We live in an era where we have access to so much information. But we fall short with implementation.

This program is designed to help you identify where changes or new tools are needed, then it will guide you in a process of finding alignment within yourself and the goals you want to achieve, then you will learn a variety of powerful and proven tools and be guided through the implementation.





We will use my proven and systematic approach, designed after 9 years of experience in my industry, my engineering background and my personal experience of 41 years in this life.




Tap into your inner strengths and build the connection with yourself to succeed.

Rediscover your value so you can be more confident in your abilities and improve your decision-making skills.

Reassess your life and establish meaningful goals.

Be in your natural flow and increase your productivity. Get organised and feel in control of your life.

Fall back in love with all that makes you YOU!

Create a wardrobe that you love and reflects authentically who you are.

Learn how to easily and effortlessly create any outfits with what you already own.

Share the story of who you are through your image.

Feel comfortable to stand out and become memorable.


Learn how to create a magnetic presence that gets you noticed and brings success to your personal and professional life.

Create an engaging presence that attracts people to you. Learn how to align your body language with your words to create impact wherever you go.

Communicate with ease, be listened to and command respect in all situations.

Be the woman who commands the room in an authentic way.


A visible and stand out personal brand

An effortless professional image that is authentic and unique

Opportunities, promotions, more exposure, higher income

Your unique executive and professional presence

Clarity, direction and purpose


3 x 90 minutes 1-1 sessions . In person or via video call

The recording of the calls for further reference

Access to me via Voxer for extra support

Your personalised Style and Image Portfolio

Your Impression Management Assessment

(This sessions will be personalised to your needs and can include: mentoring, coaching, creating an executive presence, body language and presentation skills, shopping -virtual or in person, make up tuition, work life balance and time management and others)

Access to my proven 7-pillar system and all my tools

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What is the investment

Total Value

3 1-1 sessions x 90 mins                                          $2200

Impression Management Assessment report            $397 


Stylish and Successful                                                     $97

Your Personalised Style                                                 $297


Over $3000


AUD$ 1497

1 x payment

2 x payments

AUD$ 799


approx USD$1050

approx USD$569

Best deal

Most flexible



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This package is only available until 31st January. After that my only package available is my 4-month program at a $5000

This is your opportunity to stop hiding! When we hide we lose opportunities, we miss out in having fulfilling relationships and we don't enjoy ourselves!

My desire for you is that you remember who you are, at your core, so you can make it bigger, bolder and more beautiful!

It is time to raise to your full potential!

My clients have so much more

confidence and clarity!

'I was not a very confident woman before I met Alba.

I wouldn’t have been able to achieve all I have achieved without the tools, encouragement, and support I have received from Alba.

I now hold my head up high when I walk into a room. I feel strong, visible and confident in me.

A few of the great things that have happened since working with Alba, is that I was offered FOUR jobs at the one time. The one I went with I had only just met the CEO and two days later I had a great deal offered to me. My friends and family have noticed a massive improvement in me from, how I dress, to how I hold myself strong.I am forever grateful for what I have learned from you, Alba and I now feel empowered and happier than ever before'.

Teresa Clarke, Insurance Broker

'Saying that I “enjoyed” working with Alba would be an understatement. She is so knowledgable, positive and uplifting.

She teaches easy steps and tools that you can start applying immediately to help you improve and get where you want to be and how you want to look.

The results I have achieved in my personal and professional life would have never happened without Alba's teachings and guidance.

The most important result out of this program for me was to be able to achieve all the above without having to change myself or having to spend lots of money or time. Alba encourages you to be the woman that you desire to be.'

Cheryl Britton -Manager


Working with Alba was a lot of fun and has made me feel super confident in taking control of the things that matter most to me, both on a professional and personal level.

It was an enjoyable, challenging and empowering journey. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Alba! You have done a wonderful job in helping me to create a presence and personal brand that is true to who I am.

Having this new-found confidence has increased my energy levels and empowered me to take on challenges that I would have once tried to avoid.I have successfully transformed the way I look and feel and I am truly excited about the journey that lies ahead, both professionally and personally.

I appreciate your guidance, patience, coaching and authentic nature. I am so grateful we have crossed paths. The program was an investment for the rest of my life. My confidence is super high (in both professional and personal setting)...I have felt like a new woman since the program’.

Naomi Ahmedi - Community relations BHP

'The content of Alba's system, together with her vivacious energy, are fabulous.

It is priceless to take some time out of every day life and business to reflect on what you want. Learning the tools to become the woman who can command the room and achieve great success was priceless.

I really enjoyed learning how to create an amazing wardrobe and image that works for my lifestyle and profession!

Alba is filled with useful tools and inspirational ideas. I love managing my professional life as a lawyer with my life as a mum while looking the part.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn from Alba, she really knows her stuff!'

Stephanie Rowland


AUD$ 1497

1 x payment

2 x payments

AUD$ 799


approx USD$1050

approx USD$569

Best deal

Most flexible



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